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The 14th Conference of International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering

ICLEE 2024

Progress in Landscape and Ecological Engineering 

— Perspectives of the Next 20 Years of ICLEE


October 4 (Fri) – 6 (Sun), 2024
Day 1  Excursion
Day 2   Morning/ Opening Ceremony, Commemorative Symposium
    Afternoon/ Oral and Poster Presentations
    Evening/  20th Anniversary Celebration Party
Day 3   Morning/ Oral and Poster Presentations
   Afternoon/ Oral and Poster Presentations, Award and Closing Ceremony


Kyushu Institute of TechnologyTobata Campus,
1-1 Sensui-cho, Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka, Japan

Important Date

June 30th Deadline of presentation application

(Registration, payment, and abstract submission are required.)

August 31st Deadline of participation registration

(Registration and payment are required by August 31st. If you just want to participate in the conference without giving a presentation, we will accept cash payment at the venue on October 5th and 6th. Please note that the fee is higher if you pay in cash on the days. Registrations and payments for the excursion, the party and the lunch boxes must be completed by August 31st.)

September 6th Distribution of conference proceedings to participants

NOTE: If you need a visa, please register and pay the registration fee by August 1st.

Important Date
About ICLEE Conference

About ICLEE Conferene

The International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering (ICLEE) was established in 2004 to publish “Landscape and Ecological Engineering” through collaboration among societies primarily in East Asia in the fields of environmental conservation, management, and restoration, with the goal of contributing to the development of related disciplines and human communities living in harmony with the natural environment.

Since 2005, ICLEE has published the international journal “Landscape and Ecological Engineering” with the aim of protecting and improving the environment in the face of biodiversity loss, desertification, global climate change, and other environmental conditions. The journal presents original papers, reports, reviews, and technical notes on all aspects of conservation, restoration, and management of ecosystems. Its scope is not limited to purely scientific approaches, but welcomes technological and design approaches that provide useful and practical solutions to today's environmental problems. The coverage is relevant to students and researchers at universities and institutes, while its emphasis on the practical application of research will interest all decision makers dealing with landscape planning and management problems. Thanks to the efforts of ICLEE, the journal has been marked in the SCI-E (Science Citation Index Expanded) list since 2010. 

ICLEE conferences have been held to promote the exchange of academic outcomes among ICLEE members and the communities. The 14th ICLEE conference will be held in Kitakyushu-shi, Japan from October 4 to 6, 2024, commemorating ICLEE’s 20th anniversary, with the theme of “Progress in Landscape and Ecological Engineering — Perspectives of the Next 20 Years of ICLEE”. We are looking forward to the participation and cooperation of researchers from the fields of landscape ecology, landscape planning, ecological engineering, and all of the related studies.


ーEligibility of Participantsー

Participants must be ICLEE members. However, those presenting together with ICLEE member(s) are also eligible to participate. ICLEE members here refer to members who belong to the following academic societies.

  • Chinese Taiwan Landscape Architects Society (Taiwan)

  • Ecology and Civil Engineering Society (Japan)

  • Japan Association for Landscape Ecology (Japan)

  • Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture (Japan)

  • Japanese Society of Revegetation Technology (Japan)

  • Korea Society of Environmental Restoration Technology (Korea)



Conference Participation Fee

  • Regular 8,000 JPY (until August 31st)

  • Student 4,000 JPY (until August 31st)

NOTE: The conference participation fee for cash payment at the venue on October 5th and 6th:    10,000 JPY (Regular and Student)

Excursion Participation Fee

  • Regular and Student 4,000 JPY (not including meals)

  • NOTE: Maximum number of excursion participants: 80 persons

20th Anniversary Celebration Party Participation Fee

  • Regular 12,000 JPY

  • Student 6,000 JPY

Lunch Boxes on October 5th and 6th

  • 1,500 JPY per lunch box

NOTE: Since there are few places to eat around the venue, we recommend purchasing lunch box tickets.


* Receipts are available from the Peatix site. ICLEE cannot issue receipts, including receipts compatible with the Japanese invoice system.


ーRegistration and Paymentー

Please register and pay at the Peatix sites by August 31st, 2024. Presenters must register, pay, and submit abstracts by June 30th, 2024.For the main conference and excursion, please register and pay from the Peatix site below.

For the 20th Anniversary Celebration Party and the lunch boxes on October 5th and 6th, please register and pay from the Peatix site below.


[Refund Policy]

Requests for refund in writing must be received by August 31st, 2024.Cancellation fee will be applied based on the Peatix Cancellation Policy. Please note that NO REFUND will be made, if a written request is not received by the due date.


Abstract Submission
-Required for Presenters

One person is limited to one presentation. However, there are no restrictions on becoming a co-author.
Presenters must submit an abstract by June 30th, 2024.
We will confirm that the person who submitted the abstract meets the above participant qualifications (“Eligibility of Participants”) and that the content of the abstract falls within the scope of Landscape and Ecological Engineering.
A special issue of ICLEE 2024 will be planned for the Journal of Landscape and Ecological Engineering (Five-year Impact Factor (2022): 2.2).
Please submit both PDF and Word files. Upload and submit your abstract to the following link:

[Abstract Notes]
  • The abstract should be in one page, and must be in text only and may not contain figures, tables, or references.The name of the submitted file should be "Ticket number_First Name Last Name". (e.g. #2_John Smith)
  • To find your ticket number, log in to Peatix, go to "My ticket" and then "View ticket" to view your ICLEE2024 ticket, and you will see the ticket number starting with # in the upper right corner.
  • Please download abstract format from bellow. 
     Abstract format( .docx)


Awards (book vouchers from Springer) will be granted for the best presentations (5 oral and 5 posters) by young researchers. Young researchers here are defined as current students or researchers within five years of graduation (after October 2019 or later).

Abstract Submission


ICLEE 2024 offers an excursion, including a visit to the Hibikinada Biotope and nature restoration fields along the Ongagawa River, near Kitakyushu City, on the afternoon of October 4th. 

The Hibikinada Biotope, one of the largest in Japan, spans 41 hectares and was designated as one of 'OECMs' in 2024. It was developed on a former waste disposal site in the Hibikinada area. The uneven terrain from the waste landfill has fostered various environments, such as wetlands, freshwater ponds, and grasslands, supporting diverse organisms. Visitors can observe a range of aquatic insects and plants in the wetlands from an observation deck.

We will also visit two nature restoration sites near the Ongagawa River. The first site is the Ongagawa Fish Passage Park, which has received the Good Design Award and the JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers) Civil Engineering Design Prize. The park was designed to improve the fishway and surrounding environments at the estuary weir of the Ongagawa River through workshops with residents, researchers, consultants, and government officials. The once monotonous, concrete-covered space has been transformed into a diverse environment featuring waterfront, grassland, and tidal flats. The second site is 'Nakashima,' an island-like topography in the middle reach of the Ongagawa River. The land was excavated to increase flood frequency, restoring and conserving floodplain wetlands with reed colonies.


Itinerary Outline:

October 4th (Friday), 2024

12:30 Pick-up from Kokura Station, Kitakyushu City, in coach with driver and guide.

13:00 Hibikinada Biotope (until 14:00)

14:30 Ongagawa Fish Passage Park (until 15:30)

16:00 Nakashima, middle reach of the Ongagawa River (until 17:00)

18:00 Arrival back into Kokura Station


Maximum number of participants: 80 persons


20th Anniversary Celebration Party

On 5th October, the 20th Anniversary Celebration Party will be held at GYMLABO in the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech). This facility has been used as a gymnasium in Kyutech since 1965. In 2022, it was renovated as a co-working space in collaboration with Kyutech faculties, staff, students, and companies. Prof. Keitaro Ito (Kyutech / Chair of Japan Association for Landscape Ecology) has directed the total design of this project by considering the history and original landscape of Kyutech and this region. We hope you enjoy the food and beverages and exchanges with people from different countries in GYMLABO. We are sincerely looking forward to your participation.
More information

20th Anniversary Celebration Party

Direction and Accommodation

Kokura, which surrounds JR Kokura station, is the most convenient city to access the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech). From Fukuoka city to Kokura, it takes 15 minutes by Shinkansen and 90 minutes by JR Kagoshima line. JR Kokura station is connected to JR Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo stations too. The closest station from Kyutech is JR Kyūshūkōdai-mae station. It takes 5 minutes (2 stops) from JR Kokura station. But note that rapid and express trains do not stop here; only local trains do. If you come from JR Hakata station by Kagoshima line, it is convenient to take rapid or express trains to Tobata station and transport to local trains.

More details and other options

2024map_access from Firport.jpg
2024map_Campus and Kokura.jpg
Directon and Accommodation


If you need to apply for a visa, please register for ICLEE 2024, and send your personal information for visa application to the application form below by August 1st.


ICLEE2024 VISA Application Form


After that, we will confirm the following three points.

  1. The Eligibility of Participants must be satisfied.

  2. The registration fee has been paid.

  3. If you are a presenter, the content of the presentation must be appropriate to ICLEE 2024.


The following documents will be issued upon verification of the above points. 

  1. Invitation Letter (JP/EN) 

  2. Letter of Guarantee

  3. Schedule of Stay (October 3rd: arrival, October 4th-6th: participation in the conference, October 7th: departure).
    NOTE: Extension of stay is not available.

  4. Overview of ICLEE Organization




International Consortium of Landscape and Ecological Engineering (ICLEE)

Kyushu Institute of Technology


Supporting Organization

Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History

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