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Loss of biodiversity, desertification, global warming, and other environmental issues have been increasingly recognized, which requires the advancement of environmental conservation and restoration from a global perspective. Although various world-wide scientific and engineering efforts, including in Asian countries, have contributed to ameliorating the environmental crisis, growing pressures of economic and industrial development in Asia necessitate much further efforts with a consideration of sustainable development of human society. In addition, climatic conditions in eastern Asia, such as the Asian monsoon climate, and their ecological communities are greatly diverged from those in the West. The investigation should then be conducted within a framework appropriate to these given conditions.


The international journal, Landscape and Ecological Engineering, will be published in the English language to meet its global responsibility in protecting and improving the environment unique to East Asia. The journal promotes the development of theoretical concepts in environmental conservation and restoration and taking the leadership in establishing effective techniques for their application. For truly useful research that provides practical solutions, it is essential to exchange information among a wide array of experts across multi-disciplinary fields and countries, and particularly coordinate between researchers and their activities. Landscape and Ecological Engineering will thus be published by a consortium of the East Asian societies that have exchanged information in science, engineering, and decision-making related to environmental conservation and restoration. The journal is not limited to specific disciplines and approaches but seeks manuscripts reporting research results with emphases of their application to solution of environmental problem and management. The journal invites contributions and subscriptions from as many scientists, engineers and managers as possible in a variety of disciplines. 

Promoters on Landscape and Ecological Engineering 

Board of Directors



    Chun-Yen CHANG, National Taiwan University


   Vice Presidents

    Mahito KAMADA, Tokushima University

    Sangjun IM, Seoul National University

    Ying-Hung LI, Feng Chia University



    Representative of ECES:Yoshihisa AKAMATSU, Yamaguchi University

    Representative of JALE:Mahito KAMADA , Tokushima University

    Representative of JSRT:Atsushi NAKASHIMA, Wakayama University

    Representative of JILA:Toshiya OKURO, University of Tokyo

    Representative of KOSERT:Sangjun IM, Seoul National University

    Representative of CTLAS:Ying-Hung LI, Feng Chia University


ICLEE Office


    Secretary General:Junichi IMANISHI,  Kyoto University

    Head Secretary:Kazuhito ISHIMATSU, The University of Kitakyushu

    Assistant to the Head Secretary:Keiko IOKI, Musashino University

      Treasurer:Hiroshi HASHIMOTO, Meijo University

    Public Relation:Tomomi SUDO, Kyushu Institute of Technology

  Secretaries of ICLEE in Korea and Taiwan

    Secretary of ICLEE in Korea:Youngkeun SONG, Seoul National University

    Secretary of ICLEE in Taiwan:Bau-Show LIN, National Taiwan University




    Shozo SHIBATA, Kyoto University


Executive Members of LEE Board of Editors


   Editors-in-Chief of LEE

    Landscape Ecology:Toshiya OKURO, University of Tokyo

    Landscape Planning:Seong Woo JEON, Korea University

    Ecology and Civil Engineering:Chihiro YOSHIMURA, Tokyo Institute of Technology

    Landscape Architecture:Sheng-Jung OU, Chaoyang University of Technology

   Secretaries of LEE

    Kazuhito ISHIMATSU, National Institute of Technology, Akashi  College

    Chan PARK, University of Seoul

    Kei NUKAZAWA, University of Miyazaki

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