Loss of biodiversity, desertification, global warming, and other environmental issues have been increasingly recognized, which requires the advancement of environmental conservation and restoration from a global perspective. Although various world-wide scientific and engineering efforts, including in Asian countries, have contributed to ameliorating the environmental crisis, growing pressures of economic and industrial development in Asia necessitate much further efforts with a consideration of sustainable development of human society. In addition, climatic conditions in eastern Asia, such as the Asian monsoon climate, and their ecological communities are greatly diverged from those in the West. The investigation should then be conducted within a framework appropriate to these given conditions.


The international journal, Landscape and Ecological Engineering, will be published in the English language to meet its global responsibility in protecting and improving the environment unique to East Asia. The journal promotes the development of theoretical concepts in environmental conservation and restoration and taking the leadership in establishing effective techniques for their application. For truly useful research that provides practical solutions, it is essential to exchange information among a wide array of experts across multi-disciplinary fields and countries, and particularly coordinate between researchers and their activities. Landscape and Ecological Engineering will thus be published by a consortium of the East Asian societies that have exchanged information in science, engineering, and decision-making related to environmental conservation and restoration. The journal is not limited to specific disciplines and approaches but seeks manuscripts reporting research results with emphases of their application to solution of environmental problem and management. The journal invites contributions and subscriptions from as many scientists, engineers and managers as possible in a variety of disciplines. 

Promoters on Landscape and Ecological Engineering 

ICLEE Executive Board and Steering Committee / Editorial Board of LEE

ICLEE Executive Board and Steering Committee


Shozo Shibata        Kyoto University

Vice President    

Sheng-Jung Ou         Chacyang Univ. of Technology
Bonhak Koo        Soule National Univ.



Yasuo Ezaki    ECES    Hyogo Prefectural Univ.
Kenji Fukunaga    JSRT    Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture
Yosiyuki Hioki    JALE    Tottori Univ.
Shozo Shibata    JILA    Kyoto University
Bonhak Koo    KOSERT    Soule National Univ.

Sheng-Jung OU     CTLAS    Chacyang Univ. of Technology


Tadashi Kitamura    ECES    Water Resources Environment Center
Atsushi Nakashima    JSRT    Wakayama Univ.
Michiro Fujihara    JALE    Hyogo Prefectural Univ.
Toshiya Oguro    JILA    The University of Tokyo


ICLEE Management Office

Secretary general

Yosiyuki Hioki        Tottori Univ.

Vice secretary general

Atsushi Nakashima        Wakayama Univ.
Mahito Kamada        Tokushima Univ.



Naoko Fujita        Univerisity of Tsukuba
Kazuhito Ishimatsu        National Institute of Technology, Akashi College
Youngkeun SONG         Soule National Univ.
Ying-Hung Li        Feng Chia Univ.




Editorial Board of LEE (Landscape and Ecological Engineering)

Editor in Chief 

Editor in Chief (Landscape Ecology) Yoshihiro Natuhara    Nagoya University    
Editor in Chief    Dongkun Lee (Landscape Planning)    Seoul National University    
Editor in Chief    ChihiroYoshimura (Ecological Engineering)    Tokyo Institute of Technology        
Editor in Chief    Chun-Yen Chang (Landscape Architecture)    National Taiwan University


Secretary Japan    Kazuhito Ishimatsu        National Institute of Technology, Akashi College
Secretary Japan    Kei Nukazawa        Univerisity of Miyazaki
Secretary Korea    Chan Park        University of Seoul
Secretary Taiwan            


Jaeyong Choi     Chungnam National University    (Landscape Planning)
Hyun-Chan Sung     Korea University    (Landscape Planning)
Seong Woo Jeon     Korea University    (Landscape Planning)
Saehoon Kim     Seoul National University    (Landscape Planning)
Kyushik Oh    Hanyang University    (Landscape Planning)
Young-Il Song    Korea Environment Institute     (Landscape Planning)
Gökçen Firdevs Yücel Caymaz    Istanbul Aydın University    (Landscape Planning)
Keitaro Ito      Kyushu Institute of Technology    (Landscape Planning)
Sampei Yamashita    Kyushu Sangyo University    (Landscape Planning)
Hui-Mei Chen    National Taiwan University    (Landscape Architecture)
Kimio Hirabayashi    Shinshu University    (Ecological Engineering)
Norio Tanaka    Saitama University    (Ecological Engineering)
Jun Nishihiro    Toho University    (Ecological Engineering)
Sangjun Im    Seoul National University    (Ecological Engineering)
Sung-Ho Kil    Kangwon National University    (Ecological Engineering)
TaeSoo Chon    Pusan National University    (Ecological Engineering)
Ji-Yuan Lin    Chaoyang University of Technology    (Ecological Engineering)
Michiro Fujihara    University of Hyogo    (Landscape Ecology)
Junichi Imanishi    Osaka Prefecture University    (Landscape Ecology)
Keiko Nagashima    Kyoto Prefecture University    (Landscape Ecology)
Sun-Kee Hong    Mokpo National University    (Landscape Ecology)
Mahito Kamada    Tokushima University    (Landscape Ecology)
Kazuhiro Katoh    The Open University of Japan    (Landscape Ecology)
Toshihiko Kinugasa    Tottori University    (Landscape Ecology)
Terumasa Takahashi    Chiba University    (Landscape Ecology)
Hiroto Toda    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology    (Landscape Ecology)
Hiroshi Hashimoto    Meijo University    (Landscape Ecology)
Charles Nilon    University of Missouri    (Landscape Ecology)
Ikuyo Saeki    Tsukuba University    (Landscape Ecology)
Ayumi Imanishi    Kindai University    (Landscape Ecology)
Luciano Bosso    University of Naples Federico II    (Landscape Ecology)
Mizuki Tomita    Tokyo University of Information Sciences    (Landscape Ecology)
Chundi Chen    Chinese Academy of Sciences    (Landscape Ecology)
Youngkeun Song    Seoul National University    (Landscape Ecology)
Keiko Ioki    Musashino University    (Landscape Ecology)
Tomohiro Ichinose    Keio University    (Landscape Ecology)
Tsuyoshi Yoshida    Rakuno Gakuen University    (Landscape Ecology)
Ying-Hung Li    Feng-Chia University    (Landscape Architecture)
Shota Mochizuki    Fukushima University    (Landscape Ecology)
Satoshi Kameyama    National Institute for Environmental Studies    (Ecological Engineering)
Kazemi Hossein    Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources    (Landscape Ecology)
Wei-Hong Zhu    Yanbian University    (Landscape Ecology)
Jun-Hyun Kim    Michigan State University    (Landscape Architecture)
Naoko Miki    Okayama University    (Landscape Ecology)
Junsuk Kang    Seoul National University    (Landscape Engineering)
Heeyeun Yoon    Seoul National University    (Landscape Architecture)
Chun-Yen Chang    National Taiwan University     (Landscape Architecture)
Po-Ju Chang    National Taiwan University     (Landscape Architecture)
Rei Itsukushima    Tokyo Institute of Technology    (Ecological Engineering)
Bin Jiang    The University of HongKong    (Landscape Architecture)
Junjiro Negishi    Hokkaido University    (Ecological Engineering)
Chan Park    University of Seoul    (Landscape Planning)
Li-Pei Peng    National Taiwan University     (Landscape Architecture)
Ryuichiro Shinohara    National Institute for Environmental Studies    (Ecological Engineering)
Sangam Shrestha    Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)    (Ecological Engineering)
William P. Stewart     University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign    (Landscape Architecture)
William Sullivan     University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign    (Landscape Architecture)
Kazumi Tanida    Osaka Museum of Natural History    (Ecological Engineering)
Guoqiang Wang    Beijing Normal University    (Ecological Engineering)
Makoto Yokohari    University of Tokyo    (Landscape Architecture)

Gunwoo Kim    Hanyang University    (Landscape Planning)




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